Air Show Announcer, Actor, Aerial Film Coordinator, Pilot

Known for fresh, lively, knowledge-based commentary, Danny Clisham is one of America’s most popular air show announcers. In the course of his career, he has entertained millions of attendees at air shows throughout North America. Sponsoring organizations have long relied on Danny’s professionalism and credibility to repeatedly put on performances that thrill audiences and keep them coming back year after year.  In 2006, Danny celebrated his fortieth year as an air show announcer.  At the end of 2007, he was inducted into the Air Show Hall of Fame.

Danny's talents as an actor and a pilot have served him well in Hollywood, where his credits include both sides of the silver screen.  He has provided on-screen and voice-over work on film features such as Wings of Courage and SkyDancers.  As aerial stunt coordinator, he performed as a stunt double or safety advisor on Where the Buffalo Roam, Moving Violations, and on the television hit show Baywatch.

Danny pursued an aviation career shortly after graduation from high school by first purchasing a Piper Cub and then soloing. Having successfully achieved his boyhood dream, he became a professional pilot for a major airline.  As a career airline pilot, Danny set and has broken world-class speed records. These records are officially sanctioned by the National Aeronautic Association, the United States representative of world record keeper Federation Aeronautique Internationale in Paris.

Currently, Danny is one of a small corps of test pilots hand-picked for participation in a Boeing 747 supertanker project for Evergreen International Aviation.  In addition to working on the development, testing and deployment of the supertankers, Danny flies the Evergreen T-28 chase plane.  He has over 30,000 hours of flying time.


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